A Comprehensive Guide to Sim Racing Handbrakes

So you’re interested in sim racing? That’s great! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about sim racing handbrakes. What are they? How do they work? Which games support them? We’ll answer all of these questions and more!

While a handbrake is not required to play racing simulations, it can add a greater sense of immersion. A handbrake will have little value if you only play F1 games. However, let’s assume you enjoy rallying or drifting. In this case, a handbrake is required.

What is a sim racing handbrake?

First and foremost, let’s discuss what a sim racing handbrake is. Simply put, it’s a device that allows you to apply the brakes with more precision and control. This is especially important in sim racing games, where a slight mistake can mean the difference between first and third place.

A sim racing handbrake helps you steer your car more accurately. It will let you race more aggressively and turn tighter without losing speed or time. Sometimes simulators can be hard to control with a steering wheel, keyboard, and mouse, but the sim racing handbrake makes it easier. In addition, it gives you more precise control over your car.

Do all games support sim racing handbrakes?

Most sim racing games support a sim racing handbrake. Many of them require it to achieve the best results, like rally games where you will use your sim racing handbrake actively. Like Forza Motorsport or Gran Turismo, other games allow you to use a sim racing handbrake for more precise cornering. However, most pro gamers we know don’t use them in high-speed games on normal tracks. However, there are a few exceptions.

How do you use a sim racing handbrake?

It depends on the game. You can assign it to a specific button on your controller in some games. In others, you may need to use a separate device, like a steering wheel with a handbrake built-in.

Stand-alone sim racing handbrake vs. button?

Using a stand-alone sim racing hand brake gives you more precise control over your car than if you used a button on your controller. This is because you can use your whole hand to control it instead of just one finger.

Using a gear shifter as a handbrake?

It’s also worth noting that while certain shifters may operate as hand brakes by turning the mode, they can also be used to stop the car.

Is there a significant difference between analog and digital handbrakes?

The disadvantage of using a handbrake is that it disables traction for a split second to turn sideways. Now, traction break isn’t a gradual process. It is basically what you do with the wheel and gas pedal before and after determining the outcome. So although we sometimes do utilize an analog handbrake, we don’t think it offers any advantage over a digital one.

How to choose a sim racing handbrake?

Different types of sensors

Sim racing handbrakes are only as effective as the sensors that come with them, and there are many more options than sim racers would guess. The feeling of realism is enhanced by load cell technology in sensors. In contrast, Hall Effect sensors have to work harder via other paths to provide an immersive feeling of force to the user – but their reliability is second to none. Choose a sim racing handbrake that feels comfortable in your hands and offers the most realistic experience possible. There are. Even the most basic potentiometer may be stunning when used with hydraulics.

Does it work with your sim racing device?

The compatibility of these products with P.C. or console (Xbox One, PlayStation) varies. In any case, consult the dealer’s website and check the specs.

Does it fit your sim racing rig?

Make sure the handbrake you choose is a compatible rig! At what position do you want to mount it? Sim racing rigs require a level of ergonomics that can only be achieved by keeping your vehicle control components at arms’ length.

What are some good sim racing hand brakes?

There are many tests on them. However, we have found the following ones to be a good choice.

Thrustmaster T.S.S.H.

Thrustmaster is a well-known brand in the racing controller world. So if you’re looking for the best in this category, you should not ignore Thrustmaster products.

The Thrustmaster T.S.S.H. is a handbrake made out of steel and aluminum. Most of it is in the shape of a rectangle, but the top has curved edges, so you don’t get hurt if you touch it. There are also bolts on the side that you can adjust to change how they feel when you use them. This is helpful because you can make it fit your hand just right.

There are two different ways to use the handbrake. The first way is called “handbrake mode.” We want to use this primary way, but there’s also a “sequential mode.” The sequential mode is good for shifting.

The handle can be adjusted. You can change the angle and height by moving three bolts. It may be raised or lowered regardless of the type of seating you choose. This means it is useful for nearly any sitting posture or control arrangement. It may be set up almost vertically (vertically) or horizontally (horizontally).

The Thrustmaster H.E.A.R.T. system is one of the many features this handbrake has that the others don’t. HallEffectAccuRate Technology is what H.E. E A R T stands for.

The T.S.S.H. is compatible with P.C.s, as with any good racing accessory. In addition, it’s compatible with any racing wheel on the market, and it connects via USB. On the other hand, this handbrake is compatible with both P.C. and Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

Aikeec Universal Handbrake

If your budget does not allow you to get the T.S.S.H., we have another option for you! The Aikeec Universal Handbrake is an excellent option. This handbrake comes in various colors and accessories, but the basic principle stays the same.

There isn’t as much versatility as the T.S.S.H. You can only alter the handle’s angle by moving the housing to a different position.

The handle is quite robust and will endure a lot of use. It doesn’t feel as solid as other handbrakes, though.

The Aikeec handbrake, like the T.S.S.H., is connected via USB. It’s plug-and-play, so there are no drivers to install. However, it has a couple of drawbacks. First, it only works with P.C.s, no consoles!

Fanatec ClubSport V1.5

The Fanatec ClubSport V1.5 is a robust, all-metal device with a foam-style grip. The handbrake has been available on the Fanatecs website for quite some time, which means it will likely be a good and durable choice.

You can adjust it horizontally and vertically. Mounting it is something most people complain about it. You will probably end up with a custom-made choice.

As long as you use it with a Fanatec wheelbase, you can use it with a P.C. or any recent console. However, if you use a third-party wheelbase, you will have to buy a quite expensive USB cable. That’s a thing we don’t like about this handbrake.

Mesome Handbrake

The whole thing is made of metal. This makes it uncomfortable but ok for short sim racing sessions. The biggest problem with this design is that there isn’t any easy way to adjust the height or angle. So instead of adjusting the stand, you must change whatever it’s attached to.

Plug and play via USB but only for your Windows P.C. No consoles.


A sim racing handbrake is a device that simulates the feel of using a brake in any sim-racing game. Sim racing games are not like regular driving video games: you can’t just press an accelerator and go. But, there’s more to it than that! For this reason, sim racers use these devices to simulate braking while they race their cars or other vehicles on P.C. simulators, console simulators (Xbox One and PlayStation 4), or both. The Thrustmaster T.S.S.H. seems like the best option if you’re looking for something with versatility and durability–it will work with every type of wheel design as long as your computer has Windows installed. This product also comes equipped with H.E.A.R.T. technology, giving you incredibly precise control over your braking.

If you’re looking for an option that is a little less pricey, the Aikeec Universal Handbrake may be a good choice for you; it’s compatible with any P.C. and comes in many different colors! Whichever handbrake you choose, make sure to practice before using it in a race. Using a sim racing handbrake can take some getting used to, but once you get the hang of it, you’ll be breaking like a pro in no time!

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