Everything You Need to Know About the Fanatec Rennsport v2 Sim Racing Rig

Sim racing rigs or cockpits are a compact frame upon which racers mount their gaming platform, racing gear, and other accessories. They come in many shapes, sizes, brands, build quality, durability, and of course, price. However, if there’s one rig that’s making some serious noise in the industry these days, it’s the Fanatec Rennsport v2 sim racing rig.

The latest version or upgrade from Fanatec comes with massive improvements from its predecessor in terms of compatibility, stability, and adjustability. In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about this incredible rig and why it’s perfect for experienced racers not looking to upgrade very often.

The Fanatec Rennsport v2 Sim Racing Rig – A Brief Overview

Fanatec is one of the leading brands specializing in sim racing hardware, including complete rigs for PC, Xbox, and PlayStation. The German brand produces essential simulation gear, such as pedals, steering wheels, controllers, and shifters.

The Fanatec Rennsport v2 sim racing rig is an upper-mid range simulation rig with a base MSRP of $999. It’s the go-to choice for Fanatec racing gear users due to its compatibility, feature set, and build quality. If you throw in a seat, it will cost you around $1,600. The company offers a lot of other paid upgrades, including speaker mounts, shifter mounts, TV mounts, etc.

This cockpit is suitable for experienced racers looking for a durable rig that performs well and supports some customization. However, if you only play casually or have limited funds, pick more affordable alternatives, such as the Playseat Challenge. In terms of gaming platforms, it supports PS3, PS4, PS5, Xbox X and S series, Xbox 360, Xbox One, and PC.

Features and Benefits

The Fanatec Rennsport v2 sim rig is loaded with several features designed to enhance durability and usability. This makes it a more practical choice than affordable rigs, even though it comes with a heftier price tag. Let’s check out some of its main features and benefits so you can determine whether or not it makes a valuable addition to your sim racing arsenal:

1. Durable Frame

When buying a sim racing rig, the frame is one of the first things to consider. The Fanatec Rennsport v2 is made of 100% aluminum, making it lightweight and sturdy. The powder coat finish complements the sturdy frame to create a clean and aesthetically pleasing look.

Due to aluminum’s corrosion resistance properties, the frame is more durable and can last for years, subject to proper maintenance. You get three-seat choices that fit into standard mount hole patterns along with the frame. However, it’s compatible with any racing seat with similar patterns.

2. Multiple Add-Ons

The Rennsport v2 offers several mounts or add-ons apart from seats, wheels, pedals, and shifters. It supports an extensive list of accessories, such as single and triple monitor stands, shifter holder, podium kill switch, shifter paddles, handbrake, and speaker mounts, to name a few.

Although all these add-ons are available at an additional cost, the main benefit of opting for this rig is that you don’t have to look elsewhere for these items. As a result, Fanatec is renowned for providing an all-in-one simulation racing solution.

3. Weight and Size

Due to its sturdy aluminum build, the Fanatec Rennsport v2 is among the lightest rigs in the market – weighing around 67 pounds. However, be prepared to do some heavy lifting during assembly as the package arrives in ships at a whopping 147 pounds. The rig is 174cm long, 80cm high, and 84cm wide.

This makes it a bit larger than many setups in the market, so you’ll require a dedicated space to install it. Hence, another reason it’s more suitable for pro racers.

4. Adjustability

One of the main benefits the Rennsport v2 brings to the table is adjustability. For instance, you can install shifter holder mounts on either side of the frame. This makes it an excellent choice for both right and left-handed racers.

Secondly, it has several points of adjustability for the wheelbase, pedal, and seat mounts. However, you should note that the rig is designed for the GT seating position. So, if you wish to recreate an F1 posture, opt for another rig.

5. Sturdiness

If you’re going to pay over a thousand dollars for a simulation rig, you need to ensure that it’s sturdy. The Rennsport v2 is designed to withstand the test of time and support the most powerful wheelbases and equipment in the market, including direct-drive motors. In terms of physics, it is rated for wheels with a maximum torque of 25 Nm.

Is the Fanatec Rennsport v2 Sim Racing Rig Worth the Investment?

As mentioned above, Fanatec is one of the go-to brands for pro sim racers looking to maximize their immersion and performance in the virtual racing world. Moreover, the brand does an excellent job of offering buyers nothing less or more than they need by offering add-ons.

Although the frame alone costs a whopping $999, we believe it’s worth the investment considering there are options that cost significantly more. Therefore, its price tag is a bargain for most buyers looking for the ultimate sim rig with long-term rigidity and adaptability.

However, if you’re still caught on the fence, here are the main pros and cons of buying this rig:


  • Compatible with both PC and multiple-generation PlayStation/Xbox consoles
  • 100% aluminum design for enhanced sturdiness and durability
  • Excellent for direct drive wheels
  • Wide range of seats and accessories
  • Powder coat finish for maximum corrosion resistance
  • Multiple adjustments to support different postures and driving positions
  • Assembly tools included in the package


  • Alternatives, such as Playseat Challenge, GTR Simulator GTA, and Playseat F1 are more economical
  • Not recommended for beginners or racers with modest budgets
  • Doesn’t support the F1 seating position
  • No chair or accessories included
  • Direct drive motors require add-on mounting brackets


Overall, the Fanatec Rennsport v2 sim racing rig is an excellent choice that easily meets the demands of most experienced sim racers, especially those looking for customization and versatility. The Fanatec Rennsport v2 gives you performance and comfort that is far superior compared to many lower-end and even upper-end rigs in the market.

Simply put, the Rennsport v2 will easily endure your sim racing hobby as long as you do, so if you have the cash to splash, you’d be wise to go for it.