The Ultimate Sim Lab GT1 Evo Cockpit Review

Simulation rigs are becoming incredibly popular in the e-racing world, with thousands of sim racers upgrading their gaming platforms with stunning cockpits, wheels, pedals, and other accessories. Today, you can find hundreds of options from renowned brands with different build qualities and price tags. However, if you’re new to the sport, you should opt for a prefabricated rig like the Sim Lab GT1 Evo.

This is an excellent option for racers looking to skip the long and expensive DIY route and get everything they need in a single package to assemble a complete cockpit. The key value proposition the Sim Lab GT1 Evo cockpit brings to the table is upgradability and near-limitless expansion and modification.

So, if you’re in the market for an incredibly affordable yet flexible simulation rig, you’ve pit stopped at the right place. We’ll share everything you need to know about the GT1 Evo in this post, from specs to features, packaging, and immersion.

The Sim Lab GT1 Evo Cockpit – A Brief Overview

Sim Lab is among the most popular sim racing hardware manufacturers based in the European Union. It specializes in producing high-quality simulation rigs at different price ranges to cater to racers with different budgets and performance requirements. Other products include monitor and TV mounting, seats, wheels, pedals, and an extensive list of sim racing accessories.

The Sim Lab GT1 Evo is one of its best-selling mid-range cockpits with an MSRP of €449 ($611). The company ships to the US and other countries, so prices vary according to custom and VAT charges. Unlike other off-the-shelf simulation rigs, the GT1 Evo has an extruded aluminum profile, making it durable and simple to work with in terms of adjustability and modification.

This prefabricated rig’s biggest advantage to buyers is that all of its components are pre-cut, which simplifies assembly. Sim Lab also includes all the necessary tools and hardware required to assemble the rig, gear, and accessories.

Like most mid-weight rigs, the GT1 Evo is designed with 4040 and 4080 rail profiles. As a result, it weighs under 110 pounds with Sim Lab’s bucket seat attached. Like other options from the brand, including the P1-X, Team Redline TR1, and GT2, you can opt for either a clear or anodized black coating. Whatever your preference is, both options give it a sleeky, shiny look that makes it aesthetically pleasing.

Main Features and Benefits

Let’s check out some of the main reasons why the Sim La GT1 Evo is making some serious noise in the sim racing market:

1. Organized Packaging

Sim Lab aims to simplify the assembly process from the get-go. When you order the GT1 Evo, the shipment arrives with three packages. The largest package contains the aluminum frame rails which you’ll be putting together to build your cockpit’s skeleton. All items are bubble wrapped to prevent any damage during the shipping.

The second package, which is slightly smaller, includes all the aluminum plates (4mm) that serve as the skin of the rig. Since they’re fragile, the company protects them by placing thin sheets of protective material to minimize friction and prevent scratching.

Finally, the third and final package contains the aluminum plate for the pedals, screws, nuts, slider parts, and the steering wheel bracket. If you’re expecting a seat, you should know that this rig isn’t supplied with one as most racers have their preferences.

However, the company does offer several racing seat options at different prices, which you can check out on the official website.

2. Durable Frame

The GT1 Evo frame is constructed from 100% aluminum, making it incredibly lightweight and corrosion-resistant. It’s then finished with a dry black or silver coating, which adds more protection to the surface. All the rails and plates are held together using high-quality nuts, screws, and brackets.

Moreover, the company also constructed the pedal plater and wheel deck using aluminum to minimize wear and tear and enhance durability further.

3. Straightforward Assembly

Assembling the GT1 pro is mostly straightforward. Depending on your DIY skills and assembly experience, you can get it done in under three hours. Although the packaging includes a detailed instruction manual, many users claim they didn’t need it. However, if it’s your first time, we recommend using it to save time and avoid making mistakes.

The rig also includes a wheelbase and pedal tray with pre-drilled holes designed to support a vast range of products in the market.

4. Expandability

For many racers, sim racing is a hobby they stick to for years. As the years go by, new wheels, pedals, and accessories enter the market, making the older ones obsolete. Therefore, most buyers are looking for rigs that allow them to tweak their setup instead of buying a new one. The GT1 Evo comes with aluminum extrusion, meaning you can add, remove, and alter components easily using T-nuts and bolts.

5. Great Immersion

The ultimate goal for any sim racer is to feel like they’re driving a real-world race car. While this isn’t 100% possible, the better the quality of your sim rig and hardware, the close you get to full immersion. The GT1 Evo is by no means the best rig in the market, but it does an amazing job for its price tag, especially you complement it with a comfortable seat and high-quality screen.

6. Compatibility

The GT1 Evo is compatible with most popular sim racing gear brands, including Thrustmaster, Fanatec, and Logitech. Therefore, you have many options when equipping your rig with accessories like handbrakes, shifters, single/triple monitor stands, and cockpit button boxes. However, you should still check the product’s mounting before buying. Popular wheel and pedals options include:


  • Fanatec DD1, DD2, CSL DD, DD PRO
  • Thrustmaster T500RS, T300RS, TX
  • AccuForce V1 + V2


  • Logitech G25, G27, G29, G920
  • Fanatec Clubsport, Elite, and CSL Pedals
  • Heusinkveld Sprint Pro


To summarize, the Sim Lab GT1 Evo makes a valuable addition to any aspiring sim racer’s arsenal. It offers excellent value for money in terms of features, ease of assembly, compatibility, and expandability. Simply put, it offers the best of both worlds thanks to its sturdy aluminum profile and highly competitive price take.

If you’re new to simulation racing, look no further than this entry-level simulation rig by Sim Lab, and equip it with the best wheels, pedals, and monitors you can get your hands on. It offers a great platform to take your game to the next level.