D-BOX Racing Simulator: 4400i and Gen3 4250i Review

D-BOX is one of the most notable manufacturers of sim racing gear. One of the leading companies has put forward many simulating products using haptic technology.

The goal of any racing simulator is to give players a life-like feel during sim racing. D-BOX has made this possible by producing finely-tuned products. This article will review two of the significant D-BOX racing simulators; the 4400i motion simulator and the Gen3 4250i motion system.

D-BOX 4400i Motion Simulator

The D-BOX 4400i motion simulator is available in different sets containing two, three, or four actuators. The actuators produced by D-BOX offer high performance, making this motion simulator exceptional. They are designed to be used in multiple industries, including the sim racing industry. However, the actuators can also be used in the actual automotive and entertainment industry, among others.


The price of the motion simulator varies with the number of actuators you get. Ultimately it will depend on whether you get a set of two, three, or four actuators.


The great thing about this D-BOX racing simulator is that it is compatible with all types of cockpits, seats, or frames, so mounting it won’t be a hassle. Each actuator is encrypted with precise coding for synching movements, visuals, and sounds with perfection.

The multi-purpose actuators can be used with multiple games and movies. Moreover, they can also be integrated into professional software tools after customization.

Technical specs

If you were to get into the technical specification of the 4400i motion simulator, you would find that it offers a maximum vertical life of 37 mm. The max vertical speed is around 100 meters per second. The frequency range starts from 0 and goes up to 100. It uses an electrical final drive mechanism, and the actuators have a vertical orientation.

In this particular model, you get a maximum guaranteed charge of approximately 182 kilograms per 400 pounds compared to other models that offer a fee of 114 kilograms per 250 pounds. The actuators run on 220 volts.

Overall, the product is worth the hype, and it gives players an informed idea about what the wheels are doing. It would be safe to say that it is one of the best solutions for sim racing. However, its price point is a significant drawback. Not everyone can afford to buy such an expensive motion simulator, especially players who have just started taking an interest in this particular e-sport.

D-BOX Gen3 4250i Motion System

If you have used the D-BOX 4400i motion simulator, you’ll notice significant changes in the Gen3 4250i motion system. Once again outclassed itself by introducing a motion simulator system that surpassed all the previous models.


The actuators of the Gen3 4250i motion system offer more power and an even more intense feel of the vibration and motion ques, thanks to the latest motion code configuration. The controller boxes of the Gen3 4250i come with venting holes. These holes prevent your control boxes from heating up. Generally, more power means more heat generation in the supporting circuitry design, but the venting holes don’t happen in this motion system.

Build and quality

The build and quality of both actuators and control boxes are the same as all the other D-BOX products, which isn’t something to complain about. D-BOX generally comes up with premium designs that have always made users happy.


The actuators have a powder finishing which gives them a smoother appearance. Moreover, thick and heavy cables connect the actuators with the controller boxes. These are terminated using high-end gland connectors made with premium steel cable. You’ll find that every part of this simulating motion system has been made by paying great attention to detail.

D-BOX manufacturers have worked extensively on the 4250i to ensure that the severity of electromagnetic and radiofrequency interfaces (EMI and RFI, respectively) is reduced significantly. A shielding solution is implemented at every power and data cord.

The port configuration of the Gen3 model has made it easier for players to integrate actuators into their current sim racing setup with minimal effort. You simply need to drop the latest configuration using the configuration tool. You can use the daisy chain method for installing the controller boxes to this configuration.


The best part about all of this is the user-friendly D-BOX software. You don’t need to worry about any complex features. The easy-to-use software offers excellent control options for tuning.

Overall, the performance of the Gen3 4250i far exceeds the Gen2 4400i motion simulator, and you get a perfect synchronization of what you see on the screen with what you feel in your wheeling system. The exclusive haptic element of the D-BOX technology does make a difference in how you feel during sim racing. The exceptional technology will shake your cockpit when you go over curbs or bumps in a way that no other motion simulator can. The vibration ques are top-notch and offer the most realistic feel you can get in sim racing.

Considering all the factors of the Gen3 4250i motion system, it is safe to say that it is by far one of the best D-BOX racing simulators of all time. Of course, the price factor remains, but D-BOX has reduced the price significantly, encouraging many races to purchase the high-end racing simulator. But still, if you compare it with other simulators, it is still relatively expensive. Then again, other systems won’t offer such fantastic features either.


The 4400i motion simulator and the Gen3 4250i motion system offer unmatched features because of the exclusive D-BOX technology. Comparing both the models mentioned above, the Gen3 model is the clear winner as it provides more power and a better feel. For sim racing, the Gen3 4250i motion system has a clear advantage. However, if you’re new to sim racing, you can use the D-BOX 4400i motion simulator with a two, three, or four actuators set.

While Gen3 is clearly the better choice, on the other hand, the features of the 4400i motion simulator can’t be undermined either. It is an excellent product that you can easily install on almost all cockpits and seats. The compatibility of D-BOX racing simulators is one of its most valued features. You don’t have to stick to a particular line of products to enjoy the real-life sensations in sim racing. They can be used with just about any sim racing equipment, making them almost universal.

The only downside that anyone could find in flawless simulators is their price point. The high price comes in the way even when players really want to try out the D-BOX racing simulators. But then again, there is no better option than D-BOX racing simulators for people who can afford to spend a significant amount.