Simucube 2 Ultimate Customer Review

The key to improving the sim racing experience is getting the best gear, especially the wheelbase. However, sim racing gear isn’t cheap, so your best option is to get it right the first time. We know there are several options in the market, and it isn’t possible to decide which will be suitable for your needs. Hence, we have added this review for the Simucube 2 Ultimate based on our experience.

We chose this product because several gamers recommended it to us when we were building our sim racing rig. Overall, we loved the experience. This wheelbase added an extra layer of control to the steering and made the experience more authentic with its power and sensitivity.

What Does a Wheelbase do?

As we mentioned above, the Simcube 2 Ultimate is a wheelbase. A wheelbase is the main power source for the sim racing steering wheel and contains the motor responsible for generating force feedback. Force feedback is the vibrations you feel in the wheel that imitate real-life physical stimuli to make gaming more immersive.

The wheelbase also controls the extent to which your wheel can rotate, a critical control factor for competitive players. The higher the rotation range, the better the wheelbase is.

Simucube 2 Ultimate Customer Review

Now that you know what a wheelbase is let’s start talking about Simcube 2 Ultimate, one of the best sim racing wheelbases in the market. We have divided the review into nine components to explore how well it performs on each level and highlight the aspects in which it excels.

1. Motor and Hardware

The first component we noticed was the core hardware, especially the wheelbase motor. It is on the heavier side, which is good for torque. However, the weight requires adjustments to the mount to ensure it can hold the wheel securely without risking any accidents.

It doesn’t have a base or mounting holes, so you’ll need to bolt it to the mount, a fairly simple process. The Simcube 2 Ultimate also has a sleek design that works well for people who want to ensure their rig looks good aesthetically.

2. Software

All wheelbases need to be plugged in and integrated into the system to create the necessary connection. Thankfully, the Simcube 2 Ultimate has a relatively simple software setup procedure. We were able to connect it to the wheel and game after reading instructions and getting some advice off the internet.

We were impressed by the number of customization options we got due to True Drive and made the relevant tweak where necessary. Hence, the software setup received full marks for its player-centric framework.

3. Rotation Range

The wheelbase automatically became our favorite when we realized that it offers unlimited rotation. You read that correctly; Simcube 2 Ultimate has unlimited rotation, so your maneuvering will never get disrupted. How cool is that?!

We were especially anxious about this feature because we like to play several racing sims. Each game has a different difficulty level, and some require more sophisticated control, which is only possible with wheelbases that offer high or unlimited rotation.

Hence, the Simcube 2 Ultimate is the right choice to explore different sim racing games.

4. Durability

This product is incredibly long-lasting since it has been made with durable materials. We have had it for some time now and haven’t faced a single issue so far. The only tip we can give you is to choose the right mount, so it doesn’t fall and become potentially damaged.

Also, please keep it away from any elements that can affect its core functioning. So, please keep it away from water or any liquids and keep it clean and well-maintained. The more you care for it, the longer it will last.

5. Weight

We mentioned above that Simcube 2 Ultimate has a powerful motor, which also means that the wheelbase is heavier. The weight isn’t a massive problem, but you’ll need to get accustomed to the way it feels to turn the wheel to handle the inertia.

You’ll also need a mount that can support the weight. Wheel mounts need to be able to support the total weight of the wheelbase and the steering wheel, so you’ll need to keep the Simcube 2 Ultimate’s heaviness in mind when placing an order for it.

Sellers know the dynamics, so mention which wheelbase you’re using during the initial search. They will show you compatible mounts, helping you get the right one.

6. Torque and Force Feedback

Torque and force feedback are the primary factors determining a wheelbase’s good or bad. Generally, the more powerful the motor, the higher the torque and greater the force feedback. High force feedback means the wheelbase is accurate in its imitation of how a wheel vibrates in response to terrain, environmental elements, etc.

Simcube 2 Ultimate scores amazing points on these elements, but whether or not it will improve your experience depends largely on your skill level. People who are new o sim racing can find the authenticity of the vibrations somewhat distracting while they are learning the ropes.

Therefore, you can always buy this wheelbase after gaining some experience and enjoying the virtual driving experience.

7. Convenience

Convenience defines two key aspects for us, accessibility and ease of use. Simcube 2 Ultimate is available on several platforms in both used and unused states. Hence, you will have no trouble finding a set in the range you prefer, but we recommend buying from well-established brands only to prevent any potential losses.

Additionally, convenience also refers to how easy it is to use it. Thus far, we have not had any problems with the wheelbase, and the general consumer base shares our opinion. However, there is always room for contingency, so be prepared.

8. Compatibility

Simcube 2 Ultimate is compatible with PCs, Laptops, and consoles, so no issues are synchronizing it with the system. Most of the best-loved wheelbases are designed to have higher compatibility because sellers don’t want to lose potential clients.

Therefore, closely check details for any concerns and ask an expert if you need their help to understand.

9. Price

Price is an unavoidable element of the purchase process that can beat even the best-designed products in the industry. We are not going to say it is reasonably priced, but the product does provide value that somewhat justifies the higher charges.

Firstly, it is one of the best performers in the industry and belongs to a brand renowned for making the right dear. Secondly, it has an aesthetically appealing design. Sim racing gear is generally expensive, so we could tell our savings would become drained.

If you’re hoping to improve, Simcube 2 Ultimate is a great option to try. It will keep you on your toes and prepare you for winning championships.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, Simcube 2 Ultimate is one of the best wheelbases in the sim racing industry right now. Its performance, durability, convenience, and torque will create the perfect gaming experience and make your new sim racing rig all the more special.

We hope you enjoyed reading the review and invite you to check our other blogs for more information about the product.