Benefits of Sim Racing Socks and Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pair

Most new or experienced sim racers shopping for racing gear or equipment often overlook or ignore the importance of footwear in improving overall performance. Those who care about footwear upgrade their gear with a pair of sim racing shoes from brands like Abruzzi, Fast Track, OMP, and Alpinestars.

While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, you should know that shoes aren’t the only options you can opt for. Alternatively, you can purchase a pair of sim racing socks and take your performance to the next level while saving some money.

If you haven’t heard of sim racing socks, you’re at the right place as we’ll be sharing everything you need to know about this innovative piece of clothing, including its benefits, factors to consider when choosing a pair, and the best options in the market today.

So, let’s get right into it!

What Are Sim Racing Socks?

Sim racing socks are special foot accessories for simulation racers with an innovative design featuring unique grips on the sole to enhance their grip on the pedals. These grips are typically made of rubber or similar material and allow users to fully immerse into the virtual environment by enhancing traction, force exertion control, and the overall feel.

Benefits of Sim Racing Socks

If you’re not too sure whether you should invest in a pair of socks for simulation racing, here are some of the main benefits they offer:

1. Budget-Friendly Alternative

Perhaps, the biggest benefit of sim racing socks is that they offer a smart, budget-friendly alternative to buying sim racing shoes. This goes especially for racers with a modest budget looking to get the best hardware and software possible. By investing in a pair of socks, they can save hundreds of dollars while avoiding racing barefoot or with a pair of shoes not specifically designed for this purpose, such as sneakers and trainers, etc.

2. Great Control

Depending on the quality of the pair you buy, you can drastically improve your pedal control while wearing them. Compared to sim racing shoes, your feet are in direct contact with the pedals’ surface. This way, you get more control over how much force you exert on them. Not only does this improve the feel, but it’s also a great option for beginners looking to practice techniques like trail braking.

Apart from being a budget-friendly option, wearing socks is a great way to provide reasonable comfort to your feet, especially if you’re planning to race for hours. Traditional footwear makes your feet susceptible to blisters, whereas playing barefooted can make your feet cold during winters and sweaty during hot summers. Socks provide a reasonable barrier and cushion between your feet and the pedals to keep them at optimal temperature.

How to Choose the Right Pair of Sim Racing Shoes

Before you splash your cash on the first pair you find on the internet or local store, here are some important factors to consider when buying sim racing socks:

1. Determine if Socks Are the Right Choice for Your Need

Before buying a pair, you need to determine if socks are what you need. The best way to do this is to evaluate the pros and cons of wearing socks, wearing shoes, and racing barefoot. Most sim racing pedals are made of metal or at least a fractional amount of it. Although bare feet provide better grip than socks and shoes, the pedal construction can make them uncomfortable, especially if there are any sharp or rough edges.

Secondly, sim racing shoes provide grip and comfort but can be expensive for first-time buyers. Depending on your race length, they can also make your feet hot and sweaty. Finally, sim racing socks are the best in terms of comfort but lose out to shoes in terms of grip. However, their relatively affordable price tag easily compensates for this shortcoming.

2. Comfort

When it comes to buying a pair of socks, you’ll need to pay attention to the comfort factor since you’ll be wearing them for hours during a simulation race. So, make sure you buy the right size and check the general feel and breathability of the material. If it feels too hot, itchy, or tight, look for other options.

3. Material

When shopping for sim racing socks, you should consider the material used in making them, such as cotton and polyester. If you’re looking for maximum grip and longevity, look for one with a higher polyester content. Pick one with a high cotton percentage for maximum comfort and moisture absorbance. The material choice often falls to personal preferences, but this doesn’t mean you shouldn’t account for other factors, such as the climate or season and cost.

4. Grip

As far as sim racing is concerned, the grip is the most important factor to consider when shopping for sim racing socks. While most options include rubber grips with different textures and patterns, you can also opt for stickier grip options, such as polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

5. Appearance and Style

Of course, if you’re going to be spending a reasonable amount of money on a wearable accessory, you need to consider its appearance too. So, don’t be shy to explore and pick out different color combinations and styles available in the market.

The 3 Best Sim Racing Shoes in the Market

If you’re ready to purchase your first pair, feel free to check out our top three picks of the best sim racing socks in the market today:

1. Puma Active Gaming Sock

The Puma Active Gamin Sock is sock-like footwear designed specifically for gamers and sim racers. This innovative hybrid features a sleek black design with the iconic logo on top, making it the perfect choice for people prioritizing fashion as much as function. It offers a snug fit that offers both breathability and comfort.

Secondly, its low-profile grip improves the traction and overall feel when pressing against the pedals. However, this higher-end product is recommended for experienced or aspiring professional racers.

2. Lux Anti-Slip Soccer Socks

Although the Lux Anti-Slip soccer socks aren’t designed specifically for sim racing, their innovative design is ideal for sim racers. By opting for this option, they can avoid adjusting their socks during intense during sessions and use the extra grip to gain an edge over the competition.

Plus, these socks are incredibly affordable compared to options designed solely for gaming. So, whether you’re a beginner or have a limited budget, this option should easily suffice.

3. TractionSocks Five Toe Non-Slip Socks

The TractionSocks Five Toe Non-Slip Socks are unique socks made of a mix of cotton, spandex, and nylon. Unlike most options, they offer discrete sections for each toe, offering racers the sensation of wearing no socks at all while offering their comfort and grip benefits. So, if you’re looking for enhanced control over each toe and breathability, look no further.


And there you have it – Everything you need to know about sim racing socks, from their benefits to learning how to choose the right pair and the best options in the market. Of course, there are other factors you can consider, such as the brand, price, and design.

However, these are quite minor factors considering the purpose of your purchase. Furthermore, if you’re looking for products, you can use the information in this post to narrow down your options and simplify your purchase decision.