Unleash Your Inner SimRacer: The RaceX Pro Chassis

Get ready to burn virtual rubber with the RaceX Pro sim racing cockpit! This rig features a rigid aluminium tube frame compatible with steering wheelbases and pedals from top brands like Fanatec, Heusinkveld, Logitech, and Thrustmaster. With minimal assembly required.

The RaceX Pro sim racing cockpit is designed with compatibility in mind, supporting steering wheelbases and pedals from all well-known brands. Its strong aluminium tube frame provides a stable and sturdy foundation for your racing setup, while rubber feet are included to ensure a secure and stable grip on any surface. Assembly is quick and easy so that you can start your virtual races immediately. With dimensions of 151 x 66 x 69 cm (LxWxH), the RaceX Pro is perfect for any sim racing enthusiast.

RaceX Pro Chassis

Sim Racing with the Fully Compatible RaceX Pro Sim Racing Cockpit

Customize your sim racing setup to perfection with the fully compatible RaceX cockpit. With adjustable wheel deck, pedal deck, and seat positions, you can personalize your racing experience to fit your preferences.

Pedal Deck

The pedal deck is compatible with a range of top brands, including Fanatec, Thrustmaster, Heusinkveld, and Logitech, allowing you to choose the perfect pedals for your setup. Plus, you can easily adjust the angle of the pedal deck to get your pedals in the ideal position for maximum performance.

RaceX Pro Chassis Pedal Deck

Wheel Deck

The wheel deck is pre-drilled to support a range of popular brands, including Fanatec and Thrustmaster, as well as Simlab and Hybrid Racing Simulation direct-drive motor mounts. It is also adjustable in angle, with a strut component providing added support and stability.

RaceX Pro Chassis Wheel Deck

Key components are crafted from billet aluminium, giving the cockpit a premium finish and a quality that is hard to match.

RaceX Pro Chassis

Race X Pro Chassis Pedal Deck

The pedal tray is made from a single piece of 6 mm thick metal, making it capable of handling even the strongest pedal forces. You can trust that this cockpit will hold up to even the most intense racing sessions.

Race X Pro Chassis Pedal Deck

Racing Bucket seats

The bucket seat is ergonomically designed and modeled after real pro racing seats, making it ideal for sim racing. The 3D mesh fabric allows for longer sessions, making it suitable for endurance racing.

Compatible wheels

Compatible pedals

  • Fanatec Club Sport & Elite pedals
  • Heusinkveld Sprint / Pro
  • Insim Talento
  • Compatible with Sim-Lab Pedal Base plate
  • Logitech
  • Thrustmaster

What’s included

  • Cockpit
  • Mounting hardware for wheels and pedals
  • Seat slider + Seat brackets (with “Seat included” option only)
  • Bucket seat (Optional)

Not included

  • Steeringwheel
  • Pedal set
  • Seat bracket
  • Side mount (available separately)

Price & Availability

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