A Comprehensive Guide to Sim Racing Handbrakes

sim racing handbrake

So you’re interested in sim racing? That’s great! In this comprehensive guide, we’ll teach you everything you need to know about sim racing handbrakes. What are they? How do they work? Which games support them? We’ll answer all of these questions and more! While a handbrake is not required to play racing simulations, it can … Read more

Benefits of Sim Racing Shoes and Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pair

Benefits of Sim Racing Shoes and Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pair

When you think of simulation racing, shoes are probably the last thing that comes to mind. They’re still an essential part of a sim racing gear and play a crucial role in improving performance and optimizing the virtual experience. However, most racers, especially beginners, remain blissfully unaware of their existence and importance. Therefore, in this … Read more

Benefits of Sim Racing Socks and Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pair

sim racing socks

Most new or experienced sim racers shopping for racing gear or equipment often overlook or ignore the importance of footwear in improving overall performance. Those who care about footwear upgrade their gear with a pair of sim racing shoes from brands like Abruzzi, Fast Track, OMP, and Alpinestars. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, … Read more

How to Choose the Best Sim Racing Bucket Seat for Your Rig

How to Choose the Best Sim Racing Bucket Seat for Your Rig

Most new sim racers start their racing journey with a table mount steering wheel and an IKEA office or gaming chair. However, with the introduction of inexpensive sim racing rigs, many racers have upgraded their setup with a sim racing bucket seat. A racing seat has become an essential component of a simulation cockpit as … Read more

Which VR Headset for Sim Racing Is the Best?

Which VR Headset for Sim Racing is the Best?

VR technology is rapidly becoming mainstream around the world with hundreds of applications, including entertainment, healthcare, education, and gaming. In terms of adoption, it’s safe to say that the gaming industry is leading the pack by introducing next-gen games that allow players to immerse themselves in a virtual environment fully. While there’s a huge selection … Read more

Sim Racing Potentiometer: A Beginners Guide to Pedals

sim racing potentiometer

When it comes to sim racing, players tend to focus more on getting fancy wheels rather than pedal sets. The sim racing pedals allow players to use brakes realistically by utilizing muscle memory. You’ll find sim racing pedals in three leading technologies. These are sim racing potentiometer, hall effect, and load cells.f Initially, potentiometer pedals … Read more

D-BOX Racing Simulator: 4400i and Gen3 4250i Review

D-BOX 4400i motion simulator system

D-BOX is one of the most notable manufacturers of sim racing gear. One of the leading companies has put forward many simulating products using haptic technology. The goal of any racing simulator is to give players a life-like feel during sim racing. D-BOX has made this possible by producing finely-tuned products. This article will review … Read more

What is a sim racing Shifter, and Why Do You Need One?

sim racing gear shifter

Do you love racing simulators? If so, you need to invest in a sim racing shifter! This piece of hardware attaches to your steering wheel and gives you an authentic driving experience. Shifters are used in many racing games, including Forza Motorsport, Gran Turismo, and Project Cars. Here’s what you need to know about sim … Read more