Sim Racing Wheel

The front and steering wheels are hooked up in a real car. The actual wheels turn as you rotate this steering wheel. On the other hand, if a force is applied to the front tires, the steering wheel will also move.

The steering wheel feel is one of the key sensory feedbacks that a race driver gets from their automobile. If the automobile is rattling, the driver can most easily detect it when gripping the steering wheel in both hands.

The steering wheel feedback is an essential component of a good sim racing session. In sim racing, steering wheels and motors are used to do this. With a sim racing steering wheel, the ride will be more accurate, stronger, and more precise.

What Is a Sim Racing Wheel?

Simulator racing wheels are made up of several parts, and depending on the manufacturer, they may be offered separately or as a set.
Source: Fanatec

Complete kits require less configuration and are much simpler to plug in and use. However, you may get considerably higher levels of personalization on configurations bought in separate components. You should know the following common components when purchasing a sim wheel.

The Racing Wheel/Rim

This is the actual piece of the steering wheel that you grasp in your hands. Based on your intended purpose, this may occasionally be sold separately and mounted on higher-end wheels in various shapes and configurations. GT car style wheels and F1 style wheels are very dissimilar. The location of the keys on the wheel’s controls and the material used for the grip is further customization options.

The Wheelbase

This motor powers the steering wheel and provides the feeling of force input. Again, wheels with greater specifications can be purchased individually and in various power unit configurations.

Source: Fanatec


You use these to shift gears; they might be standalone gear sticks or paddles affixed to the wheel (often sold separately).

Wheel to Wheelbase Mounting

Normally found only in higher-spec wheels when pieces are offered individually. The plate or adaptor needed to secure the rim to the wheelbase is this. Inspect before you buy because not all wheels fit with every wheelbase.

Wheelbase Mounting

Make sure you are aware of how the wheel connects to your workstation or sim equipment before purchasing a wheelbase or whole set. Your wheel will function better if it is mounted securely to a flat surface. Several types of mountings include clamps, straight screws, and lap attachments.


Pedals can be found in a wide variety of sizes, forms, and functions. When purchasing complete kits, exercise caution since pedals aren’t always included. Be sure to confirm compatibility with the wheelbase before making a separate purchase.

What Are the Features of a Good Sim Racing Wheel?

The features of a good wheelbase include various elements. Do you prefer a belt-driven wheel or a direct drive wheel? Will you be driving on a PS4, Xbox, or PC? And what will the simulator racing wheel cost you? The following are all of the features of a good sim racing wheel that you must consider before making a purchase.

The Force Feedback System

Force feedback systems come in three main categories:

  • Gears: Produces about 2-3 Nm of torque using a set of gears.
  • Belts: Produces 3–8 Nm of torque by using gears and a toothed belt.
  • Direct Drive: The motor is directly connected to the wheel to produce 5-32 Nm of torque.

When driving, the typical person in a typical car will feel torque between 7 and 12 Nm. In a race, your torque may peak at about 20 Nm, but it will still typically be in the range of 10-15 Nm.

It may occasionally be greater. Even in F1, most racing vehicles have power steering, yet some drivers prefer the force feedback.

Direct drive wheelbases have gotten easier to justify over the past year as prices have decreased. You should be aware of the direct drive’s motor type, though:

  • Stepper Motor: The motor uses between 50 and 100 magnets to rotate a defined number of actions in an open loop (pole count).
  • Motorized Hybrid: A stepper motor with a comparable pole count to stepper motors that runs in a closed system.
  • Servo Motor: With a pole tally of 16 or less, the motor continuously updates position using a sensor in a closed-loop system.

Since servo motors appear the smoothest when you move the wheel, they are generally thought to be the best option.

Platform and Game Compatibility

You could get lost on the web when trying to determine what equipment is appropriate for which games and on what platforms. You can compare the various wheel bases’ compatibility with PC, Xbox, and/or PlayStation platforms.

It should be noted that console compatibility varies depending on whether the sim racing hardware contains security chips. A security chip must be inserted inside the wheelbase for PlayStation. Different technology is used by Xbox, which requires a security chip within the wheel rim.

On both occasions, the manufacturer is required to pay a license fee to PlayStation or Xbox. To keep costs down for the user, wheelbases frequently only work with one console. This implies that producers will frequently provide two virtually identical models, except that one is designed for the PlayStation and the other for the Xbox.

Most of the wheels work with the most popular simulation games, like Gran Turismo, Asseto Corsa, iRacing, etc.


The importance of plug-and-play cannot be overstated. You devote thirty minutes playing a game rather than thirty minutes putting it up!

Aligning your course of action can help you save time and money. It can be saved by using software, firmware, and hardware from the same manufacturer because they will operate well together.

Because wheelbases are frequently the hub through which your peripherals pass, this is very important for them. Your wheelbase is connected to your handbrake, shifter, and handbrake.

You can attach incompatible devices straight to your PC or console, but you might run out of ports and need adapters if you do so. Cost and difficulty start to add up. Your wife gave you a task 30 minutes after you settled down to begin playing, and you hadn’t yet seen a spot of tarmac.

Therefore, before you start to invest in hardware, ask yourself if it has the legs you need or not.

Max Turning Angle

A minor issue for the majority. Nearly all wheels will work because most setups call for 900° or 1080° of rotation on the wheels. However, there are a few circumstances in which you would desire more freedom.

When parking and having to wriggle your way in, you might need to raise the restriction if you drive trucks through the countryside. In the alternative situation, drifting, a significant counter steer is required.

Materials Used

The actual materials chosen depend on the user’s preferences and background. If you’ve driven many vehicles with leather-covered steering wheels, you’ll likely feel most at ease using one.

However, a wheel coated in the fabric will also provide you greater traction and let you race for longer without worrying about your hands getting sweaty. Racing gloves are another way to counteract this.

Putting all of this aside, you don’t want to possess anything that feels cheap or gaudy! The key to using leather and materials of high quality is to purchase from reputed brands. For instance, purchasing imported wheels from Amazon won’t provide you with the same level of tactile sensation as purchasing a premium Fanatec wheel.


Finally, look for additional racing wheel features that heighten your driving experience’s realism. The options here include advanced rumble functions, magnetic paddles, and accessible knobs on the front panel of the wheel.

Whatever it may be, you should head straight for anything additional on a wheel that offers a deeper level of realism and immersion.

What Are The Best Sim Racing Wheels For Beginners and Professionals In 2022?

When choosing a wheel for the first time, make sure to stay with the major, well-known manufacturers. For instance, consider Logitech, Thrustmaster, and Fanatec for sim racing. The bigger brands typically have a greater fan base, superior customer service, better ratings, and more information and aftermarket parts sources available.

These are all significant factors that you might not have thought about. Also, consider where you will practice sim car racing—Xbox One, PC, or PS4. The best sim racing wheels will be different for these different platforms.

One of the hardest aspects of entering sim racing is choosing the correct wheel for your needs. Racer options are virtually limitless, with wheels priced from a few hundred dollars to $2000.

Everyone can find a suitable device on our sim racing wheels list, some of which even come with pedals.

What Are The Best Rim Racing Wheels For Xbox One?

Xbox One users will do well to invest in the following racing wheels if they want to perform sim racing to the highest level.

Fanatec ClubSport V2.5 GT Forza

This wheel is not just a part of Fanatec’s ClubSport range of products, which is made for perfection and professional racing, but it is also directly supported by Microsoft and the creators of Forza and was created in collaboration with them.

Unlike many wheels, the GT Forza model has a 33 very realistic cm diameter, making it comparable to, if not the same, real racing cars. The properly lightweight metal rim makes it feel heavy to the touch but not undriveable or like a hassle to obtain any wheel lock.

Logitech G923

You shouldn’t invest in the most costly wheel if you’re just starting in the sim-racing world. The Logitech G923, which costs a little under $400 and is essentially the more sophisticated version of the Logitech G29, is a terrific choice for novices.

A three-pedal combination with a progressive braking pedal is also provided with the wheel. Pedals are typically not part of Thrustmaster and Fanatec wheel models.

We understand that sim racing can be costly, but thanks to the toughness and dependability Logitech has built into their products, this wheel will last for a very long time.

What Are The Best Sim Racing Wheels for PS4?

If you are a PS4 sim racing enthusiast, then you can elevate your sim racing driving experience with the following simulator racing wheels.

Thrustmaster T248

This pedal and wheel combination is just amazing. This product is excellent for the cost, from the magnetic paddle transmission to the futuristic appearance of the wheel.

The built-in dashboard screen on the wheel has over twenty indicators, including best lap, the type of force feedback, RPM, and many others. You’re undoubtedly asking yourself, “Is there a way to change the force feedback types?” — Yep. On the wheel, 3 force feedback settings can be changed based on user desire.

Finally, the magnetic pedal set gives racers four distinct brake pressure modes to modify their brake pedal.

Logitech G29

This wheel and pedal combination is ideal for sim racers of all financial abilities; we can attest to that. The digital display on this steering wheel is comparable to the Thrustmaster T248 but is less complicated. Drivers can determine their RPM and discover where to shift by looking at the ten lights on the face of the wheel.

The pedals for this set are almost exact replicas of the Logitech G923 pedals. They have stainless steel frames and pedals made entirely of aluminum. This set’s brake pedal is non-linear, making it harder to pump the brake as you exert greater force.

What Are The Best Sim Racing Wheels For PC?

One of the best PC gaming purchases is a racing wheel, and we’ve tested a tonne of them to determine which ones are worth your money. Here are the best rim racing wheels for PC you can buy in 2022.

Thrustmaster T300

With this device, you can swap out your wheel if you think a better one will help you, just as in a real race car. However, this wheel’s face is less detailed than the other alternatives, and the force feedback and features make up for it.

With this wheel’s dual-belt technology, you won’t hear the loud noises emanating from the Logitech wheels, and you’ll have smoother input when racing around the simulated circuit.

Because of the attention to detail, you won’t need to keep checking the display when you should be concentrating on those lap times because you can feel when your vehicle is understeering or oversteering just by having your hand on the steering wheel.

Fanatec Podium F1

The Podium F1 Racing Wheel is the original direct drive wheel to enable cross-platform capability, created by Fanatec, a company that places a constant emphasis on innovation and technological advancement.

Source: Fanatec

The experience you will get will be unsurpassed by their rivals, thanks to the four paddles on the rear of the rim for switching and adjustments.

Users have a true-to-life experience with the direct-drive wheels’ accurate force feedback. The sensation is further improved by the vibrating motors included in the grips on the wheel.

Last but not least, this wheel has wireless QR technology, which eliminates the need for extra wires to connect the removable wheel to the wheelbase and the steering wheel.

Wrapping Up

You have a tough decision to choose from these fantastic sim racing wheels for Xbox One, PS4, and PC that provide a great driving experience. We would recommend you pick a simulator racing wheel based on its appearance, brand expertise and experience, and available features. You won’t regret your choice!