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Zalem Simuladores is a company that was created in 2010 with the intention of offering all fans of car simulators and new technologies articles related to this sector at a price as tight as possible. The company offers a wide range of products, including Zalem structures or cockpits, which allow users to enhance the feel and realism in their favorite racing video games. These structures are fully adjustable and come with a sports racing seat, guaranteeing many hours of fun. Since its inception, Zalem Simuladores has become a reference point in the sale of driving simulators in the national market, counting on hundreds of customers in their first year of online life. The company has a wide portfolio of clients throughout Spain and many units sold, and its greatest advertising has been the word of mouth and satisfaction of each client. In an ever-evolving sector, Zalem Simuladores looks forward to continuing to evolve and grow with its customers. The company is committed to offering quality products, personal treatment and the greatest guarantees in the market.

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c/ del Torno

3690 Alicante,

Zalem Simuladores is located in Spain

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According to our research the Sim Racing Gear Manufacturer Zalem Simuladores is rated with (4.9) out of 5 Stars

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Zalem Simuladores offers the following product categories for Sim Racing Gear:


Sports seats



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