Sim Racing Button Plate

Most of the sim racing wheels come with a wide range of rotary encoders as well as an extensive selection of buttons on them. However, sim racers that are looking for a more authentic and even more graceful sim racing experience need to go for a sim racing button plate. In this article, we will take a look at some of the best button plates out there that might even make you want to replace your existing button plate if you already have one.

Turn BP2 Sim Racing Button Plate

The Turn BP2 offers great value for its price as it is compatible with any direct drive wheelbase that has a bolt pattern of 70 mm. It can be plugged into your computer through a coiled USB cable that it comes with. It has 6 tactile buttons and an ABS enclosure that is textured injection molded.

The button plate also has third-generation shifters that are magnetic and made from anodized aluminum. Though, they are optional depending on your preference and what works best for your setup. The shifters come with a 17 mm paddle travel that is fully adjustable. The racing button plate also has 2 rotary encoders. It comes with bent GT paddles that are 10 mm as well as Formula paddles that are flat. You can use a flat 350 mm or 300 mm wheel with it that has a dish of up to 45 mm. The package it comes in also contains a sticker sheet.

Keep in mind, though, that it requires a clearance of up to 15 cm for its coiled USB cable between the wheelbase and the BP2. The sim racing button plate also offers an option of non-threaded or threaded hub bolt patterns (70 mm). Its hub is 17 mm thick. When swapping your steering wheels, you do not require to remove the button plate from its base, as you can easily do that by simply removing six screws from its front.

Its funky switches take the total number of buttons on it to 26. They are extremely tactile and clicky. The encoders work smoothly, and the button plate itself is very lightweight. Its overall look is sleek and minimalistic while it offers the highest levels of practicality. You can adjust its shifters according to your reach by simply removing the two M4 bolts.

Ascher Racing Button Plate B16L

The B16L sim racing button plate comes with 2 encoders that are equipped with push-button functionality. Its USB connectivity works with all platforms, and it is also compatible with a long list of popular wheel rims. It also comes with 2 magnetic paddle shifters (anodized automotive aluminum and CNC machined) and 2 button guards for protection. The 8 push buttons it is equipped with offer an extremely positive tactile feeling.

The racing button plate is made of automotive aluminum and is laser engraved and black anodized. Its paddle has a glass bed blasted finish, while its front plate has a brushed finish. Its magnetic shifters are durable and feature a robust automotive switch offering a strong snap-action force. The shifters of the base plate also have alternative magnets that greatly help with reducing force.

The 16L package contains 72 (6 colors) pieces of labels for encoders and 50 pieces of labels for its buttons, along with various steering wheel inputs. If you have come across the B16M model, this one is improved from it with more compatibility options as well as downward buttons for rims that have a center that is curved shaped.

The sim racing button plate has a total mass of 700 g. The approximate length of its robust coiled cable connector (shielded with industrial binder) has a length of 64 mm. The button plate has a 6 x 70 mm bolt pattern and comes with washers, nuts, and screws of M5 x 35/40 mm to mount Q1R. You may require a spacer to provide it with adequate clearance to the wheelbase.

PMT Universal HUB v2.0

The most significant improvement of version two is the paddle shifters that are included directly in the hub. With this, you do not need to mount bulky pedals on the outside anymore as it is all a part of a single small factor bundle.

Each shifter features a double, triple magnet design, and there are still 12 mm magnets on top inside the paddle, and on the bottom. None of the magnets require the application of glue, and they can be easily replaced with 10 mm as well as 16 mm magnets using adapters that are included in the package.

Everybody can find their sweet spots with the flexibility this sim racing button plate offers. Its hub has 70 mm mounting holes making it compatible with the majority of wheels available in the market. As for the buttons, the button plate provides the option of aluminum as well as PLA plastic.

In the middle, there is a 3.5-inch Nextion display which is fully compatible with Simhub and provides loads of information during sim racing. Additionally, the screens are plug-and-play. You can replace them with screens of your preferred sizes. On the back, there is a six-pin connector as well to plug in the USB cable.

BBJ SimRacing Pro Key Series

The Pro Key Series is one of the best racing button plates currently available on the market. It comes with two 12 mm latching toggle switches and features safety covers that are missile style as well. Each and every switch and function on the button plate is rated for automotive use. You also get a sprung key switch, four rotary encoders, and four momentary toggle switches that are 12 mm.

The sim racing button plate has an ABS plastic fascia that is a solid and high gloss, along with an ABS plastic case that is heavy-duty and sturdy. There are four threaded mounting points on the button plate as well that accept M4 bolts. It is powered by a USB which means that it does not need batteries or a power supply to function. The button plate is plug-and-play with Windows and comes with an integrated USB lead that has a length of 6 ft.

Apex Engineering Race Deck Button Plate

With three rotary encoders and five pushbuttons to map to ignition, headlights, wipers, black boxes, ABS, brake bias, or any other in-game input, the Race Deck is one of the best button plates when it comes to compatibility with Stream Deck. So if you plan to own a Stream Deck or already do, you can fit it into the Race Deck case to get the optimum out of both worlds.

The Race Deck sim racing button plate is produced with real carbon fiber and allows motorsport feel that is purely genuine. It is compatible with all the revisions of Stream Deck (including the Stream Deck XL). What is more, is that it has a 2 mm thick twill matte finish and a 3d printed enclosure as well.

The race deck racing button plate features a 7-way multi-switch that you can swap with the center push button. It is great for in-game menus and black boxes as it offers 7 inputs in just one switch. It comes with two USB cables, both having a length of 6 ft.

All of the above-mentioned sim racing button plates are specifically designed to enhance your racing experience. Regardless of which sim racing button plate you go for, make sure it has an extensive selection of buttons and that they are tactile.