Review: Precision Sim Engineering GPX Steering Wheel

We had already been on the lookout for the best equipment for a sim racing rig within our budget when we read recommendations for the product. A steering wheel can make or break your gaming experience, so we decided to give it a try before buying anything. And boy, were we surprised! (however we went way beyond our original budget!)

The GPX steering wheel is an absolute beast of a product when it comes to performance. It has excellent responses controls and will make you forget that you’re not part of an actual F-1 race.

But let’s take things step-by-step. We first want to mention the factors you must consider when buying sim racing steering wheels before shifting to the product review.

Which Steering Wheel Features Affect Sim Racing the Most?

The past few years have been exceptional for sim racing. Businesses have leveraged recent technological innovations to improve their sim racing equipment, like steering wheels, improving the gamer experience. Following are the primary factors to consider when buying the right wheel for your rig:


Rotation dictates how much you can turn the wheel before it comes to a stop. The ideal situation is for a wheel to have unlimited rotation, and some sim racing wheels have this feature. However, anything that offers over 1000 degrees rotation works well, so keeping that number will help.

Remember, the wheelbase determines that rotation, so you can always choose your preferred range if you’re building the wheel from scratch. We have a blog post about wheelbase selection, so check that out if you need more information.

Force Feedback

Force feedback refers to the vibrations and response in a steering wheel that imitates how a real one would react to driving. Typically, the best force feedback requires steering wheels with more powerful engines and higher torques.

However, better force feedback isn’t always good for players. Few sim racing gamers have experienced real-life racing and are prepared for the level of vibrations the steering wheel generates. The sensation is somewhat distracting for the rest of us and needs extensive practice to get used to.

Therefore, the best solution is to look for steering wheels that match your gaming proficiency.


All steering wheels are compatible with the PC, but several don’t work with consoles. We recommend that you get a gaming PC for your sim racing rig because most pieces of equipment don’t have compatibility issues.

However, if you want to use your console, we recommend that you carefully check for compatibility before purchasing a steering wheel.

Buttons and Controls

All sim racing rigs need a button box that provides controls for your seating and virtual car to keep you going. However, some of the latest steering wheel manufacturers have upped their game by combining the two and creating premium steering wheels with several buttons embedded on their frame.

The placement of buttons on steering wheels is also ideal because it allows players to make necessary adjustments without distraction. It would be best to find a steering wheel in your range with all the buttons, so you don’t have to get a separate button box.


The material of your sim racing steering wheel is relevant because it affects your grip. You need to have a sturdy grip if you want absolute control, even when the track gets tough and force feedback increases vibrations.

Rubber is generally the best material because it provides optimal friction and isn’t too heavy on the pocket. You can also consider leather if you’re looking for a more premium option, but buy gloves accordingly.


Price will be one of the most critical factors when getting a sim racing steering wheel. Most sim racing equipment is expensive, and steering wheels are no exception. Their design and manufacturing process is detail-oriented and precise, pushing the costs up.

Therefore, always set a budget before you start looking.

Customer Review of Precision Sim Engineering GPX Steering Wheel

We had gone through several guides before trying s few steering wheels, so we have some idea about what to expect. However, the Precision Sim Engineering GPX steering wheel performed beyond our expectations.


The first thing that impressed us about the product was its appearance. It is a gorgeous gear with a sleek black base and colorful buttons for controls. The handles are optimized to improve efficiency and handling, so you’ll have an easier time operating them.

Rotary Dial Controls

The Precision Sim Engineering GPX steering wheel has 9 rotary dials and 12 virtual car control and adjustment buttons. They are colorful, so you won’t have trouble memorizing what function each performs and will make sim racing a lot more fun.

The wheel also has an incredible response rate, allowing players to maneuver the virtual car with as much accuracy as they would some of the best real cars.

Force Feedback Authenticity

The product’s force feedback was our favorite of all features because it was as authentic as the experience gets. We were thoroughly impressed by how the vibrations differed based on the virtual surface the car was driving on because it helped us become wholly immersed.

Thankfully, we had had ample practice by the point we tried it, so the authenticity did not shock or negatively affect our performance. But we recommend that you try things out before purchasing because it would give you a better idea.

Vehicle and Race Data Display

The Precision Sim Engineering GPX steering wheel is a fancy sim racing gear that comes with a small LCD screen. It is an all-in-one package because that screen is the perfect replacement for a sim racing tablet and shows all relevant data you typically use the tablet to see.

Of course, having an LCD screen on the steering wheel is a lot more convenient since you won’t have to avert your eyes much to get the gist.


The product loses out in the compatibility department since it is only compatible with the PC. So anyone creating a sim racing rig with consoles will have to give up on this sim racing steering wheel. We generally recommend gaming PC to everyone building their sim racing rigs because most products are compatible with them, so consider this advice.


As expected, the premium product has premium pricing. The wheel costs nearly $3,000 and might become more expensive if the company adds more features. We know that’s a significant sum, so it’s better to access your budget and see if you can manage it.

It is perfectly alright to start with a more affordable option and buy this when you have the money to spare.

Final Thoughts

In short, we loved using the Precision Sim Engineering GPX steering wheel because it is one of the best in the market. It offers extensive control and creates an immersive sim racing experience, allowing us to enjoy gaming to the fullest.

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