Podium Button Module Endurance

Who is Fanatec?

Fanatec is known for its unique equipment built exclusively for enthusiastic sim racers enjoying the virtual track and reaching the checkered flag record chasing fast. It produces high-end devices like steering wheels, cockpits, pedals, and more for use in sim racing games. Some well known products like the fanatec clubsport series, the F1 wheel, the CSL elite or the fanatec porsche 911 GT3 sim racing wheel enjoy a great reputation in the industry.

How to decide for the right product?

A lot goes into sim racing, and one such decision is choosing the right button box for your needs. Some questions that might come to mind are, how many buttons do I need? What functions should these buttons have? Do I need switches? And so on.

When looking at Fanatec sim racing equipment, you have most likely come across controllers that serve several functions. One such product is the Podium Button Module Endurance, a colorful component with strategically placed buttons for the utmost convenience of the racer while playing. Upon unboxing, this component looks promising, with a nice packaging that is seen with all of Fanatec’s products. But does it deliver when put to the test? We’ll find out.

Why would this might be a product for you?

The ultimate aim of the Fanatec Podium Button Module is to help players enjoy a pleasurable GT3-Class Steering Wheel. It is designed for both Podium Hub and ClubSport Universal Hub. This component has built-in features and aesthetics inspired by Motorsport.

Usually, you would find the Endurance Button Module as a part of the Porsche 911 Wheelset, but you can extend its use. Players can purchase it independently, for it has an excellent range of features and benefits that we will extensively discuss ahead. You can fit it on the r300, as it promises easy compatibility.

The Podium Button Module Endurance Review

Ardent fans of sim racing claim that the Podium Button Module Endurance is a revolutionary step in sim racing. With added convenience, it aims to provide an elevated experience to the racer. If you are considering buying this component, don’t forget to read the in-depth Podium Button Module Endurance review and decide for yourself if this is a worthy addition to your kit. This guide leaves no questions unanswered and talks about it all-the good, the bad, and the ugly.

Unboxing – At First Glance

Source: Fanatec

The Podium Button Module Endurance comes nicely packaged in Fanatec’s usual branded box with several motivational quotes. The package has dimensions 33.5cm x 21cm x 10cm, weighing around 0.8kg.

The unboxing is exciting for any sim racer, with the promise that what is inside packs a punch and will elevate your racing experience. The package components include the Podium Button Module Endurance, bolts, Fanatec decals, a DataPort C-adapter, a sticker set, and the Fanatec guide. The Fanatec guide will prove very useful, helping you gain familiarity with what to do.

As soon as you retrieve the Podium Module Endurance from the box, you see the familiar Fanatec sticker, as mentioned above. It’s difficult not to harbor any expectations seeing the brand’s logo. Next, you may notice a series of screws around the logo, which would come in handy with the bolts you get. The Endurance Button Module adds some much-needed depth to your wheel, but we’ll talk more about that in a bit.

You will also notice an adapter cable, which helps you connect the Podium Button Module Endurance to some of Fanatec’s other offerings without a USB C data port. Of course, this only applies if the Module Endurance Button has compatibility with these devices.

As far as appearance goes, the Podium Button Module Endurance has an array of colorful buttons. But this isn’t just for aesthetics. The different colors represent different functions, which makes adapting to this component easier.

Podium Button Module Endurance Components

Now that you know what to expect when you unbox the Podium Button Module Endurance, let’s look at each component in detail.

1 Podium Button Module Endurance

The main aspect of the box, the Podium Button Module Endurance, boasts a pleasant aesthetic. It has several inputs that cater to various needs. All in all, the module has multiple inputs. It has several buttons, each for a different function. It also has toggle switches, allowing you to alternate between functions. You will also find a FunkySwitch and 12-position switches.

These features allow you to enjoy a wealth of controls at your disposal. What we particularly like about this component is that all the buttons are very responsive, allowing a Virtual Reality (VR) user to enjoy an enhanced experience without the hassle of reaching out for the keyboard.

6 Bolts

The Podium Button Module Endurance has a wheel of screws around the Fanatec logo. You will also find six bolts of dimensions M5x25mm in the box. You can use these bolts for mounting the Podium Button Module Endurance to a compatible offering, like the r300. The mounting part can be a tad fiddly, but it shouldn’t take you more than just a few seconds to secure everything with the six provided bolts.

Screw the longer bolts in the package as tight as you deem fit. Now that the whole thing is shut, you can turn the wheel and plug the USB cable into whatever hub you plan to use. You can use the extra screws to add 11 mm of extra depth to your wheel.

1 DataPort-C to RJ12 Adaptor

The Podium Button Module Endurance comes with one adapter cable, which will allow you to use this component with other Fanatec equipment that it is compatible with. Once you have mounted a suitable wheel rim of your choice, like the UH r300 or UH r911, on the Podium Button Module Endurance and tightened the wheel rim, you can move on to the adapter.

Now you can connect the Podium Button Module Endurance’s DataPort-C cable to the Podium Hub’s connector at the bottom.

1 Porsche-Style Sticker Set

You will also find a Porsche-style sticker set. This decorative decal is a stylistic feature and an added perk of the Podium Button Module Endurance.

1 Quick Guide

Lastly, the Podium Button Module Endurance comes with a quick guide that contains a set of instructions. The Podium Button Module Endurance is fairly easy to use in tandem with a steering wheel, but this guide just makes it all the easier.

Podium Button Module Endurance Features

The Podium Button Module Endurance has multiple inputs, covering almost all your possible needs and some impressive output features. This provides maximum functionality to the user. While the Podium Button Module Endurance has several features, we will shed light on the top 7 of our favorites. This review will now study these features in detail and what they can do for you.

2 Two-Way Toggle Switches

The Podium Module Endurance is all about customization and relaying an even greater experience to the user. That’s just what you will get with this component, which features two two-way toggle switches. The main function of the two-way toggle switches is to allow users to feed their commands or responses into the steering wheel, providing you an added layer of control you need to get ahead in the race.

This is a performance-centered feature that we really liked. These switches are easy to use and responsive, which adds to the overall experience, in a good way, of course!

7-Way Funky Switch

We love the 7-way joystick/encoder of the Podium Module Endurance. For those who aren’t familiar, it is the knob on the component that you can turn left, right, up, and down. Even though value is subjective, we believe the Podium Button Module Endurance provides sufficient value for money with these features. The 7-way funky switch allows users to create a gaming experience that they enjoy. Every sim racer has different preferences, so you can use this feature to make the necessary customizations.

What we love about this feature is that it amalgamates seven functions into one joystick. This addictive feature allows you to swipe up and down to switch between controls, and so on. You get all these options at your fingertips, which is why we believe Fanatec is the master of sim racing equipment.

Two 12-way Switches

The next features that made it to our list are the two 12-way switches that can easily be configured to be used as endless rotary encoders. What we love about this is that it places an incredible amount of control in the player’s hands-literally. These multi-purpose switches have 12 positions each.

Can you imagine the amount of customization and control at your fingertips? Each time you switch the position, you can perform a different function. With every rotation, you can check laps, fuel, tires and make any in-car adjustments. All that control is packed in these two switches, so you don’t have to shift your focus or face the slightest inconvenience, allowing you to perform better. These switches slide with ease, ensuring your gaming experience is not hampered in any way.

OLED Display

Source: Fanatec

Just like the OLED display on the Fanatec Podium Wheel Bases, the Podium Button Module Endurance features a wide OLED display with tuning functions. It wouldn’t be wrong to say this is one of Fanatec’s best features! The button box has an incredibly clear 2.7” display, showing detailed information like the different telemetry types of data in one place, that too with enhanced visibility and resolution.

We love that this wide 256×64 resolution OLED display paves the way for high levels of customization. This Fanatec feature shows players real-time force feedback and motor information. With Intelligent Telemetry Mode (ITM) support, you can easily choose the data you want the screen to display or let the game settings choose to show the relevant data as it deems fit, and alternate between five telemetry data layouts. You can enjoy better visibility and data access with this amazing feature.

High-End Construction

The ten momentary buttons, the toggle switches, 7-way funky switch, 12-position switches, and the OLED display surrounded by the RGB RevLEDs sit atop a strong, well-built, real carbon fiber front plate. Comparing similar equipment, it is safe to say that the Podium Button Module Endurance offers far greater value for money at a price of €/$199.95.

The Podium Button Module Endurance is built with several internal metal reinforcements, providing maximum stability to the user. Similarly, the back plate boasts sturdy construction and uses rubber-coated glass fiber. The last thing you want is a rickety button box, and Fanatec has brilliantly side-stepped that risk.

Ten Momentary Buttons

The Podium Button Module Endurance has ten monetary buttons that serve various functions. But that’s not all. We love that these buttons are so responsive, allowing you to navigate sim racing without having to reach out for the keyboard. In fact, the extent of customization that this device offers is at par with what you’d get with more premium products. This definitively makes the Podium Button Module Endurance one of Fanatec’s A-listers.

You will find that these buttons are easy to use and maneuver without any annoying hang-ups. They are solid, but some of you may find that they are slightly different from Fanatec’s other button-caps, like the ones on the Formula V-2. This, however, isn’t a bad thing. These buttons are customizable, and you can easily apply stickers to them. All in all, we love the feel of these buttons, and that’s exactly what a button box/controller should aim for.

410g Weight

The Podium Button Module Endurance weighs just 410g, making it ideal for all sim racers. It is a backplate lightweight, so you wouldn’t have to experience any discomfort while using it during a game. The last thing you want is for your arm to get tired during an intense game while holding the controller.

This lightweight quality is what makes the Podium Button Module Endurance so user-friendly. We love that every aspect of this device is made keeping the user in mind. This way, when the wheel is mounted on this component, you wouldn’t feel overburdened.

Other notable features of the Podium Button Module Endurance include:

  • One two-axis analog joystick
  • Two FlagLED groups
  • Nine RGB high-intensity RevLEDs
  • Detachable button caps
  • User-defined LED behavior
  • Clutch bite point indication when used in conjunction with Podium Advanced Paddle Module

Characteristics of The Podium Button Module Endurance

There are many features that have earned the Podium Button Module Endurance its popularity and appeal. After giving Fanatec’s much-talked-about button box a try,[1] we have shortlisted its properties that we liked best and those that didn’t fare too well.

High Functionality

Fanatec has always launched products that outdo its preceding ones, and the Podium Button Module Endurance is no exception. What we love about this component is its broad range of functions. As a sim racer, you would ideally want a range of functions at your disposal. That is exactly what this all-in-one button box provides. It has several buttons and switches, each of which has a different function. If you see the specifications, you’ll realize that this product boasts high functionality.

Source: Fanatec

These multiple inputs pave the way for an enhanced user experience that is within your reach. When you’re engrossed in a race, the last thing you want is to find the controls on your keyboard. You won’t have to do that with the Podium Button Module Endurance.


User-friendliness is another important consideration, and the Podium Button Module Endurance wins our vote for this. The array of buttons on this piece of equipment is highly responsive, so you will manage to enter a command with the slightest touch. All these commands and functions are within easy reach, allowing you to enjoy the game fully.

You also have customizable buttons and detachable buttons as additional features. These button caps are compatible with other Fanatec button caps too. The switches are just as easy to use and maneuver. We bet any VR user will thoroughly enjoy the convenience of the Podium Button Module Endurance, which makes it its chief characteristic.


The Podium Button Module Endurance is compatible with a range of wheelbases, wheel rims, and programs. However, we do believe that while some mentioned products are not as compatible as they claim to be. This is why we aren’t fully satisfied with this product’s adaptability.

Our main criticism centers around compatibility with the r300 and small rimmed wheels. While r300 is listed as one of the rims with which the Podium Button Module Endurance works well, we respectfully disagree. Upon use, we feel that the rim is too small for the Module button box, so it fails to provide the ideal user experience. The module feels too tight against a 300 mm rim, so we think it is better suited to larger rims. If you want to continue using it, you can, but you might not enjoy that unparalleled gaming experience that brings the game to life.

On top of that, it has limited compatibility with other wheel bases. As of now, it will only work with Podium wheel bases. There is talk of additions, so we look forward to seeing other Fanatec models there.

Structure and Design

The Podium Button Module Endurance is a full-scale replica of the GT3-class endurance button module. It is built using high-end material that provides exceptional stability to the product, based on automotive-grade standards. This feature is very important for a button module as it is supposed to hold a wheel and needs to stay steady, so the player is not distracted at any point in the game. The Podium Button Module Endurance delivers on that count.

The aesthetic and design are also above-par and more than just a stylistic decision. Despite a range of buttons and switches, the Podium Button Module Endurance is lightweight and easily fits the user’s hands. You can easily enjoy this component with gloves, as long as you aren’t using a small wheel rim.

Unique Features

The Podium Button Module Endurance has a range of unique features, some of which have done really well. The features discussed in length above show that this component delivers on three counts, including easy data access through its Intelligent Telemetry Mode (ITM), easy display through the wide OLED display, and the several buttons that provide a variety of functions at your fingertips.

Podium Button Module Endurance Compatibility

If you plan to invest in the Podium Button Module Endurance, it is vital to know the platforms, peripherals, and wheel rims it is compatible with, as this will ultimately dictate the performance. Here, we would like to make a disclaimer that has gotten many people in trouble.

Since the Podium Button Module Endurance adds to the Hub and Wheel rim distance by 11mm, it is not suited to wheels with a smaller diameter. Your wheel rim should have a minimum hole pattern of 6x70mm. Make sure you get the sizing guide if you plan to use the Podium Button Module Endurance with another wheel rim.

If you prefer wheels with smaller diameters, the Podium Button Module wouldn’t be our top recommendation for you as you might face some inconvenience during use.

Wheel Rims

The wheel rims compatible with the Podium Button Module Endurance include the Podium Wheel Rim r300, the Fanatec Podium Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Leather), and the Fanatec Podium Porsche 911 GT3 Cup (Suede). While it is also compatible with ClubSport Drift, we would not recommend using them together as, like the ClubSport Wheel Rim GT, the spokes and buttons are very close together. Even the r300 barely makes the cut, and you may find the former too small and compact in diameter. This becomes harder when you’re using gloves.

Wheel Bases

The Podium Button Module Endurance is compatible with the Podium Wheel Base DD1, Podium Wheel Base DD2, and the Podium Racing Wheel F1® PS4. Currently, this button box works with just Podium wheel bases, but soon, firmware updates will add other Fanatec wheel bases to the mix, so keep an eye out for that!


PC: The Podium Button Module Endurance is compatible with your PC, but the complete functionality of the component will vary depending on the specific game and developer support.

Xbox One®: The Podium Button Module Endurance has compatibility with the Xbox One. You just need to use it with ClubSport Universal Hub, used for Xbox One. How this component functions on the Xbox One will vary depending on the console’s capabilities, including developer support and any OS changes.

PS4: You can use the Podium DD1 that you’ll find in the Fanatec Podium F1 package to ensure this component’s compatibility with the PS4. Once again, the performance and functionality will depend on the firmware as well as developer support.

Podium Button Module Endurance Specifications

The Podium Button Module Endurance is a revolutionary addition to the world of sim racing. It has extensive features, some of which have changed the way you play. Players cannot help but appreciate the convenience and customization that the Podium Button Module Endurance provides users. Let’s look at the specifications of this product and its features.

ConstructionReal Carbon Fiber front plate Rubber-coated Fiber back plate Full-Scale Replica
PlatformPC PS4 Xbox One
Buttons10 momentary buttons Customisable button labels Detachable button caps
Switches2 two-way toggle switches 2-axis analogue stick 7-way FunkySwitch 2 twelve-position switches
Wheel Rims CompatibilityR911 R911S R300
Lights9RGB RevLEDs 2 FlagLED Groups Customizable LED Behavior
DisplayIntegrated OLED Display 2.7” 256×64 resolution Intelligent Telemetry Mode (ITM) Support
Weight410 g

Pros and Con of the Podium Button Module Endurance

The 10 momentary buttons have a solid grip, and are easy to useThe F1 V2 has more buttons than the Podium Button Module Endurance
The Podium Button Module Endurance has ITM SupportThe ITM support function reportedly has jolt issues 
Lightweight and easy to carrySize too big for some wheel rims like the r300
Easy to navigateModule feels too close to the user’s hands
Good value for money 

Using the Podium Button Module Endurance with the R300

Once you have mounted the R300 on the Podium Button Module Endurance, you will notice that this component’s 300 mm diameter may be a tad small. Upon use, we realized that this, indeed, is true. Therefore, we would recommend using a larger steering wheel for greater comfort. However, the R300 is listed as compatible with the Podium Button Module Endurance, so we tried it.

We first realized that there is tight clearance between the wheel rim’s base and the Podium Button Module Endurance. This would be even harder if you were wearing gloves. Your hand will end up touching the toggle switches unintentionally. This will unnecessarily distract the player. This becomes a problem because the buttons are so responsive. This could have been avoided with a little more resistance. To sum up, we would advise using the Podium Button Module Endurance with a larger rim.

Final Word

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that the Podium Button Module Endurance has significantly improved the sim racing experience and helps gamers improve their racing style. It has several great functions and characteristics, including flexibility, user-friendliness, and convenience. If you want to get this button module for yourself, we advise you to do so only if you have a large rim. It does not work as well on smaller rims like the r300, even though it is listed as a compatible wheel rim.

If you pair it with a large rim, we see no reason not to purchase this product that allows you to enter commands without using the keyboard. We think the Podium Button Module Endurance provides premium features in its price, which is why it has earned our thumbs-up for this winner! You can place your order at the Fanatec online shop. The shipping costs may vary depending on the country where you are located.