Can You Make Money Sim Racing?

Can You Make Money Sim Racing?

The eSports gaming industry has been booming since the last decade with the emergence of live streaming and a host of virtual and gaming technologies. Since the start of the COVID-19 epidemic, there’s been a massive growth in gaming audiences, with over 728.8 million people worldwide competing against friends and strangers alike. A growing chunk … Read more

How to Apply Overlays on iRacing with RaceLabApp in use

Before we explain how to Apply Overlays on iRacing with RaceLabApp, let’s understand the topic first! What is iRacing? A subscription-based racing simulation online video game developed and published by Motorsport Simulations in 2008, previously known as, is a virtual world containing on-site and offline racing content. The publisher’s servers are used to … Read more

How to Make a Racing Sim Setup

pc sim racing setup

Whether you’re new to sim racing or a pro, building a proper racing simulator set up according to your specifications and budget can be a challenging endeavor. A racing simulation rig features five core components – a PC or console, a seat, a rig, a steering wheel, and pedals. However, the abundance of options in … Read more

How Realistic Is Sim Racing?

how realistic is sim racing

Racing simulation has taken over the gaming industry with its superior technology, immersive experience, and realistic modeling. But is sim racing realistic enough to become the talk of the town even among real-life racers? People who have tried sim racing are convinced that the simulations are accurate and emulate the real experience. However, it is … Read more

How to Build a Sim Racing PC

How to Build a Sim Racing PC

At the heart of most modern simulation rigs is a powerful PC running the simulation software along with the complex racing gear. Today, thousands of pro sim racers invest in stunning rigs and learn how to build a sim racing PC by combining the best hardware components in the market. However, when buying or building a gaming … Read more

What Is the Best Sim Racing Game?

What is the Best Sim Racing game?

If you want to start a fight amongst sim racers, simply ask them “What is the best sim racing game?” and watch them prepare for battle. In reality, there’s no right answer to this question. Every gamer has their preference based on several factors, such as the gaming platforms they use, the number of games … Read more

What’s the Best Racing Sim for PC?

Best Sim Racing Games for PC

Have you been looking for the best sim racing games for the PC? Then you’re at the right place. The world of sim racing is incredible in general, but you have to find the games that match your preferences to enjoy it to the fullest. Knowing what’s the best racing sim for PC will direct … Read more

What Racing Sim Should I Buy?

Is sim racing worth it?

To ensure they end up with a worthy racing sim, one very common question people ask is what racing sim they should buy. There are a lot of issues that need to be addressed according to your level of expertise and for identifying what exactly you are going for. For example, if you are looking … Read more