Everything You Need to Know About simracingmachines.com

Are you looking to purchase top-notch sim racing equipment but don’t know where to start your journey? You’re not alone. With so many brands, retailers, and opinions on the internet, choosing the right place to shop can be challenging. This is where sites like Sim Racing Machines come in to offer an all-in-one solution featuring both generic and brand-specific simulation racing products.

In this post, we’ll share everything you need to know about the company, including its product range, services, forum, and policies.

We are not affiliated nor do we have a partnership with simracingmachines.com – we just like how they operate their business!


About Sim Racing Machines

Sim Racing Machines is a UK-based company operating from a small office located in Somerset. It was founded by Simon Richard Maltby in 2014, who converted his cow shed into a half office space and half workshop. The entire business is run exclusively by Simon, from design to manufacturing, shipping, and support.

Simon Richard Maltby converted his cow shed into a sim racing business basis

Due to this strategy, SRM has built a solid reputation in the simulation racing community by maintaining high standards and full control over every aspect. Simon claims he has no ambition of expanding into a big business. His main focus is to keep offering excellent products and services.

Sim Racing Machines thrives on personal service – something most new sim racers with limited knowledge are looking for when starting out. Simon admits that things can get extremely busy. However, he has made a name for himself in the industry and ensures that he’s always stocked with enough materials and parts to minimize any delays.

Another reason Sim Racing Machines is growing incredibly popular is due to Simon’s eco-friendly approach. Although sim racing equipment carries a considerably large carbon footprint, he does what he can to limit the damage, such as using recyclable packaging (mostly reusable tin). Moreover, the office is powered by solar panels that produce more than enough to run day-to-day operations.

Contact Information

Products & Services

The following are the six categories Sim Racing Machines specializes in:


Shifters are an essential aspect of immersion when racing in a simulated environment. They work to replicate any gear technology from H-pattern to sequential shifting, just like in a real-world racing car. They often come as add-ons, and therefore, they can be plumbed into the rig and configured into most supported sim racing games.

Sim Racing Machines offers both generic and Fanatec shifters for every model in the market. Using 3-D printing technology, the company designs paddles and shifters according to specific racer requirements.


If you already own wheels, you can send them for conversion. Popular options include the Fanatec BMW Rim V1, Fanatec Formula Rim, Fanatec Universal Hub, and the McLaren GT3 V1, to name a few. However, since Fanatec continues to launch new and changed wheels now and then, conversions can take some time.

For instance, Simon has successfully converted Formula V2.5 and V2.5 X with Formula V2 kits. Other conversions, such as Universal Hub V2, BMW GT2 V2, and F1 ESports, are currently in the testing phase and will soon be introduced in the second or third quarter of 2022. You can also find ready-to-go or used wheels if you’re not looking for too much


Wheels are an essential part of sim racing gear. They enhance your in-game immersion by providing a more accurate motion range (at least 900 degrees). Sim Racing Machines offers everything from Fanatec original wheels to USB converted, SRM own wheels, and refurbished wheels.

So whether you’re looking for a custom wheel or a used one to get started, Simon can hook you up with the best options for your needs.


Pedals are the core element of any sim racing rig and play a crucial role in your overall performance and experience. Therefore, they’re the most difficult items to purchase when starting out due to several brands and pedal types in the market.

However, Sim Racing Machines has simplified the decision-making process. Along with Fanatec’s original pedals, it offers Fanatec and Heusinkveld pedal mods. You can check out the exclusive range of custom 3-D printed mods on the official site.

Wheel Bases

The wheelbase is the complex machinery behind the steering wheel in which all the electronic systems along with electric motors or belt drives are installed. It is the device responsible for creating the forced feedback and reaction of real-world racing car components.

Sim Racing Machines primarily offers wheelbases from SimUCube and Fanatec. Popular options include the SimUCube S2 pro wheelbase v2 and SimUCube S2 sport wheelbase.


Sim Racing Machines offers a host of accessories from custom mounting systems to adapters, cables, and spacers. You can also find SRM branded items like keychains, storage bags, and other merchandise. However, the best selling accessories are its coiled USB cables and different types of wheels.

Shipping & Returns

As mentioned above, SRM is a one-man business. However, Simon still ensures all orders are shipped out as quickly as possible, especially shelf items that don’t require modifications. Most items are either shipped on the same day or the next. However, during the shopping season, delays are normal as Simon ensures he pays attention to detail in every project.

As far as availability goes, SRM ships worldwide using standard options like Royal Mail and DHL. However, remote locations could require different couriers, such as UPS, FedEx, and Parcel Force. However, in 2021, Simon announced that he would only be focusing on DHL and FedEx to ensure customer satisfaction.

Following order confirmation, shoppers receive a confirmation email with tracking information and shipping time estimates. The only product that takes time in production and shipping is the DIN cable due to custom specifications.

Returns Policy

If you need to return a product or ship your wheel for conversion, you can ship it to the following address:

Sim Racing Machines,

Garfield House on Fore Street,

Othery, Somerset, UK.  


And there you have it – everything you need to know about Sim Racing Machines. Sure, they’re not the biggest players in the sim racing market, but that is by design. Simon loves sim racing and has created a highly profitable business that he’s satisfied with on a smaller scale.

So, if you’re looking for a custom rig solution or racing gear mods, you can rest assured Sim Racing Machines will take a tailored approach to meet your specific needs. If you have other queries, you can visit the official website to browse Simon’s value offerings and solutions.

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