Which Is The Best Clutch, Brake, Accelerator Simulator?

Clutch, Brake, Accelerator Simulators

Several cost-effective and ‘real’ clutch, brake, accelerator simulators, and rigs give you the natural feel of the car you are driving to help you practice control (particularly clutch control) without having to invest a lot in a sports car. In this article, we will take a closer look at the best clutch, brake, accelerator simulator … Read more

Does Sim Racing Improve Driving?

Does Sim Racing Improve Driving?

Did you know that many professional sim racers, including Norbert Michelisz and James Baldwin, have successfully transitioned into real-world racing and gained immense success? So, if you’re wondering, “Does sim racing improve driving?” the short answer is yes. The highly popular eSport accurately simulates racing with real-world variables, such as road conditions, vehicle power, fuel … Read more

What Is a Sim Racing System?

What is a Sim Racing System?

Simulation racing has transitioned from a niche eSport segment to one of the most popular forms of gaming in the last couple of years. This is mainly due to the influx of cutting-edge technologies that replicate the sensation of real-world racing. However, most non-gaming audiences have little or no knowledge regarding sim racing gear, equipment, … Read more

Sim Racing Heel Toe – Everything You Need to Know

Sim Racing Heel Toe - Everything You Need to Know

Sim racing heel toe has become a trending buzzword in the virtual racing world. Today, many pro sim racers use this real-world racing technique to protect their vehicles during intense races and improve overall performance. Unfortunately, most newbies and even some intermediate racers remain blissfully unaware of heel-toe downshifting, let alone know how to do it. … Read more

What Is Sim Racing?

All you Need to Know about Sim Racing

The gaming world has come a long way since the Atari console (which was and is an incredible creation). Technological innovation is the primary driver of change in the industry, and we are indebted to it for introducing us to the concept of sim racing. Hold up! You’re probably here to answer the question, ‘what … Read more